The Swaziland Conference of Churches is the national umbrella organization for evangelicals in Swaziland. It was established in 1929 as Swaziland Missionary Conference which was constituted with twenty missionaries and six Swazi ministers as the founding members in a loosely connected body. Initially, membership of this conference was on an individual basis. By 1964 many of the missions had become churches and a new organizational structure had become necessary. A new constitution and statement of faith was drawn up, membership was formalized and the name was changed to Swaziland Conference of Churches. Through the years Dr David Hynd played a major role in development and continued growth of the Conference.

Currently the Conference is the organization under which most Evangelical churches and Pentecostals organizations are grouped with a membership of 157 denominations which are spread all over the country. On average, this membership makes SCC to have a population of about 200,000 in the country coming from over 2200 local churches. Generally, SCC is one of the respected Organizations in the country with a large following, and a great influence in many quarters. SCC is a legally registered NGO and registered under the protection of name and badges as (NUB 7/ 1976) through the laws of the Swaziland government.

SCC is also a member of Association of Evangelicals of Africa and the World Evangelical fellowship. The Organization Exists to help churches to become purpose – driven .We derive our purpose from the Great Commission; our activities in the region include worship, serving, evangelism, fellowship and discipleship.


God’s Kingdom values stay alive in all people everywhere.


Promote unity and empower partner churches to holistically make Disciples of Christ and advance the Kingdom of God in their communities, nation and world.


  1. We are witness of Christ: We publicly state our Christian beliefs for the purpose of winning others to Christ. We carry and deliver the gospel daily, corporately and individually, and we make disciples.
  2. We are committed to the unity of the body of Christ: The church is central to our existence. We work with and through the church. We place the unity of the body of Christ ahead of individual gains. We do this through the unity of purpose as demonstrated in our statement of faith. We demonstrate love, kindness, and respect for one another and our partners, as well as using tact in dealing with each other.
  3. We are committed to alleviating pain and suffering: We work hard to alleviate pain and suffering from all citizens regardless of region, but especially of the poor. We perceive men and women, boys and girls as God’s creation without discrimination.
  4. We are people of integrity: We possess and steadfastly adhere to high moral standards and principles are consistence with the gospel of Christ. We are honest in our daily engagements amongst ourselves and with our partners. We are faithful in keeping our promises.
  5. We are Stewards: We accept that the resources entrusted to us are not ours and we are committed to putting them to good use, for the purposes for which they have been given. We demonstrate this value by upholding high accountability standards that meet the requirements of our partners.
  6. We are committed to live a Christ-like life: As members, we are committed to live a life that will truly resemble Christ in us.
  7. We are people of excellence: We are determined to strive for excellence in everything that we do.

We are Relevant: We are determined as members to meet the needs of the community and use relevant means of taking the Gospel to the people.