The department is commonly known as the Christian Media Centre. It focuses mainly on producing Christian programmes that are aired through the National Radio, SBIS on a weekly basis. It is the vehicle for the Organization to help the Church in Swaziland to preach and teach the sound gospel of Jesus Christ through the National radio. 32 Christian radio programs are produced by this department on a weekly basis. The department is headed by the Programs Production Coordinator.

Radio Programmes Produced by SCC:

Siswati Programmes Produced English Programmes Produced
Tinkonzo Tekuvula Prologues
Tinkonzo Tekuvala Epilogues
Tinkonzo Teliviki Sounds Eternal
Gospel Beat Reachout
Temabandla Story time
Vusela Morning Service
Sontfoskolwa Living word
Talabasha Evening word
Inkonzo Daily Services
Tingoma Temachoir Be the best
Umusa Lomangalisako